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2013-06-24 19:25:30 by maer808

New Horizons (WIP)

2013-06-11 02:34:49 by maer808

New WIP! Chex it out!

And follow me at

Something About Us Remix
check it out!

New Song!

2013-02-11 23:49:37 by maer808

My instrumental version of Miike Snow's - Animal
Animal Remix (DUB)

Hey YOU!

2012-08-06 20:05:59 by maer808

Czech out my new music :D

Get Wierd!!

2012-05-26 21:42:43 by maer808

Piano Beat!

2009-08-08 20:03:37 by maer808

Check out my latest beat yo! Piano Beat!

Busy Times

2008-11-28 14:48:29 by maer808

Been real busy with work nowadays, and never really had that much time to post new material. But hey I'm still trying, I released a couple of "Works in Progress" but nothing really solid. I wish i can spend more time with making music :(.

First post

2008-09-26 05:15:25 by maer808

Wow this is my first post, it took awhile for me to conjure up the will power to write one so here we go...

For those of you that reviewed my music, Thank You! For those who never listened to my music please listen to them and drop a solid review with some constructive criticism on how I can make it better :D! Thanks for listening!

Woot Im New

2008-05-18 21:50:14 by maer808

Yea so i created an account, LISTEN TO MEH MUSIC! Thanks You!