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2008-09-26 05:15:25 by maer808

Wow this is my first post, it took awhile for me to conjure up the will power to write one so here we go...

For those of you that reviewed my music, Thank You! For those who never listened to my music please listen to them and drop a solid review with some constructive criticism on how I can make it better :D! Thanks for listening!


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2008-09-26 07:29:32

not to be a stickler but did you mean this is your first post that you expect responses too. or are you just playing around. I only ask because i look above the words First Post and see a #2 clearly marking this post. :?

maer808 responds:

Well, I meant my first serious post lol.


2008-09-26 07:33:17

I just heard your music and wow, stop posting and continue creating, that is some wild shit, really great.
Electronia piano is awesome and all your hip hop is pretty fucking good, i normally never listen but after hearing your techno and video game songsm i kinda knew it would be worth listening to.

maer808 responds:

thanks man!


2008-09-26 22:32:16

I love the way your beats sound! I seriously can't get enough of that "Walking Rain" instrumental. I'm already writing something to that. And you know the hook is going to be HOT! I love those chill type of beats you make. Those are my favorite types of beats! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! You have a lot of potential.